Personal Block 2.5

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Personal Block 2.5

This block has a starting weight of 10 pounds and an ending weight of 25 pounds. It comes with 12 internal plates of 1 pounds each for increment increases. Comes with NanoWeights plate holders for use of magnetic NanoWeight system. Block is made of metal. Comes in a heavy duty latching carrying case.

Building Blocks

The Building Blocks were started through years of studies made with the hand, forearm, and most of all the fingers. What I have learned working with the hands and the forearm muscles is that the finger muscles need to be addressed completely differently. The reason I say this is that the strength I have developed in the last eleven years is a lot of hand and forearm strength but not finger strength. That was very surprising to me. My goal now is to build my finger strength greatly along with the hand and forearm. Through years of research using the building blocks I have learned how important finger strength is. I have been working with Dr. Womer, who has been helping me understand how the body works and most of all how it should not work. The most important fact I have learned from Dr. Womer has to do with the little finger and the finger next to it, which are called leader fingers. The leader fingers have 50 to 70 percent less strength than the other fingers. Think about how strong your hand would be with equal strength in all four fingers.

 I have been working with the building blocks for over three years. Using the proper form and the proper workout, let me share my results with you. After using the building blocks for 1-1/2 years, my increase went from ¼ ounce three times per week to 1 ounce three times per week. That’s a 200 percent increase. For the last year and a half, my increase has gone up to 2 ounces three times per week. That’s a 400 percent increase. I raised my weight increase because after one year of using the building blocks the ¼ ounce increase was not working my forearm. It was easy to maintain form and too easy to move the weight. What I have learned and hope you understand is how important finger strength is and how it can only benefit you 100 percent. Working out can be positive and very exciting!

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