Magnetic NanoWeights™ Systems

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Magnetic NanoWeights™ Systems

NanoWeights are a series of 24 weights that allow small increments for constant weight lifting gains without failure. In turn helping to prevent injury to muscles, ligaments, and tendons while building confidence. Increments can be made as low as one ounce and as high as a pound and a quarter. NanoWeights™ are available for purchase as magnetic weights. The NanoWeights™ work with free weights and/or stacked weights.

Developing the Forearm using Nano Weights™

In 1997 I began working on developing a forearm machine that would work the forearm and hand in an anatomical movement, separating the wrist joint while moving the hand from a fully extended position to a fully flexed position. Once it was finished, in 1999, I started using the machine along with three friends. We all worked together in figuring out how often the forearm should be worked for the best results. One person’s workout was once a week. The other person’s workout was twice a week. My workout was three times a week. We all used the same weight increase per week, which was a 10 oz. plate mate 5/8 of a pound. So at my third workout I would add 10 oz. = 5/8 lb. After a year of using the machine three times per week I had by far the best results with the least amount of failures.

In 2000 I started using the Nano Weight™ System, which was small increases for weight gains. My workouts for my forearms and other parts of my body were all the same. My forearm workout consisted of starting with one warm-up set of 10 reps. with 20 lbs. The second warm-up set was 6 reps. with 30 lbs. The next set started the workout: 3 sets of 4 reps. with 40 lbs. After this, I added 2-1/2 lbs. for one set of 3 reps., then I added 2-1/2 lbs. for one set of 2 reps. For the last set of the workout I added 2-1/2 lbs. for 1 rep. After this we warmed down with 10 reps. at 30 lbs. The reason I chose this workout was to tax the body with the heavy weight. The most important factor is keeping perfect form while really working with eccentric movement. I have become more aware in 2010 and 2011 how very, very important eccentric movement is. During the first year I was taking 2 ounce increases until I was fighting to keep good form. The second year, which was 2003, I dropped to 1 ounce increases. In 2004 I had to drop my increases to ½ ounce to order to maintain good form. Now you have to remember: no failure. In 2005 I then had to drop the increase to ¼ ounce. For four years I stayed at ¼ ounce increases. In 2009 I developed the building blocks and added them to my workouts. After one year using the building blocks, my increases in the forearms went up 200 percent. The reason is that the building blocks were increasing the strength, not in my hand and forearms, but in my fingers. By 2011, as a result of developing the strength in my fingers my forearm increases were up 400 percent. I am now back at 2 ounce increases per workout. This is a great system for the mind and the body. Every day is a great day.

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