Competition Forearm Machine

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Competition Forearm Machine

ArmWorks Forearm Machine is designed to work both the forearm and hand muscles. With proper movement and positioning the ArmWorks Forearm Machine allows for safe full range of motion. NanoWeights are a great addition to use with the Forearm Machines. ArmWorks Forearm Machine includes a complete set of weights calibrated for accuracy.

The competition machine is chrome. It has a green light that the judge/referee can light when a good lift has been completed. The competition machine has foot plates that competitors must use. Also included is the weight display cards. Olympic Calibrated Weights can be purchased separately: 45 lbs plate, 35 lbs plate, 25 lbs plate, 10 lbs plate, 5 lbs plate and 2.5 lbs plate. all the weights are exact weight (Calibrated)